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I’ve been thinking quite a bit lately about trying to recover my Spanish.

I’ve invited one of my talented advisees to share his career goals. Specifically, I invited him to write me a short autobiography (in English and Spanish) which you’ll find below. Carroll has two relatively new programs which draw students who speak Spanish or which might be of interest to Hispanic populations: SALUD and PASOS programs. Luis recently created the Bienestar Milwaukee web page and is being mentored by me in using WordPress.



Hello, my name is Luis Esquivel, and I am a student at Carroll University. I am currently a junior majoring in psychology and minoring in public health. As graduation quickly approaches there are three options that I am strongly considering after graduation. First, is going straight to graduate school, the second is joining the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, and finally staying in my current job at a healthcare clinic in Milwaukee where I have the opportunity to explore different possibilities. For example, further developing the role of a mental health assistant which includes mentoring and building a relationship with the youth who visit the clinic. Another example includes implementing a men’s health program that aims to screen, and help male patients suffering from chronic condition through education, and changes in lifestyle.


Hola, Yo me llamo Luis Esquivel. Soy estudiante en Carroll University estudiando psicología, y salud pública. Solamente me faltan dos semestres antes de graduarme. Soy nacido en México pero he pasado la mayor parte de mi vida en los Estados Unidos. Todavía no estoy seguro sobre la dirección que voy a tomar después de graduarme pero esta entre estas tres opciones. Continuar mi educación en escuela de postgrado, también estoy considerando ser voluntario Jesuita por año. Finalmente tengo la opción de continuar trabajando en una clínica de salud en Milwaukee donde hay espacio para crecer profesionalmente y personalmente. Un saludo para todos.