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  1. Twitter: I often learn about a new technology learning tool here through selectively identifying “thought leaders.” I try to reciprocate with something that they might find of interest (@professorDavidS).
  2. YouTube: Sometimes I use this tool for learning how to use a technology learning tool. Though I have neglected it of late, I just rediscovered my private YouTube Channel with (in)famous private uploads of former research assistants and their shenanigans, Uncensored Adventures in Carrollland, DumbleDave in costume, Robin the Newf, and a (sigh) much younger-looking David Simpson! Drop me an email if you want to see them:)
  3. Google Search and Google Scholar: I’ve never found an alternative search engine that exceeds its capabilities, and I still have so much to learn about how to make it work even better for me.
  4. Google Docs/Drive: My research assistants now are more facile with this than I as we collaboratively put finishing touches on some ebooks we are writing. I think that I shall make mastering Google apps a high priority for me this summer. Alternatively, I’d like to create a course about them though I suspect I can find such a course on Lynda.com or Udemy.com.
  5. PowerPoint: I must confess that I am PowerPoint challenged – in part because I don’t teach in a way that naturally lends itself to that linear format of presentation.