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DeanaFor the past 40 years I have taught a course called Statistics and Experimental Design required of Carroll Psychology majors. Here is a brief description of HOW I teach PSY205 (click the “HOW” link).

Below is a first draft of an ebook I am writing with the able assistance of some Carroll students. Each hyperlink below is a “module”. Thanks to Alison, Arianna, Tia, and Lizzy (each of who is in graduate school or will be in the Fall) for helping me create this draft. I plan to “publish it” using for the first time Pressbooks software.  I share this work in progress at this time welcoming feedback. I also have made it available to my present students for end of semester review

  1. Still Looking for ways to Improve Courses After 40 Years of Teaching (Part 1 of 2)
  2. Retooling and Sharpening the Saw
  3. What data analysis should I use (you need not enter your real name or email)?
  4. Teaching Tools: SPSS, inStat, starQuiz, Camtasia and Research Randomizer.
  5. On Engaging Students (Part 2): Adventures with StarQuiz and SPSS
  6. Learning by Teaching: Alison and Lizzy’s Guide to Using SPSS Data Analysis for Simple Linear Regression
  7. Two-way Between Subjects ANOVA Using SPSS (Part 1)
  8. Review of One-way Between Subjects ANOVA using SPSS
  9. t-Time: Three Short SPSS Screencasts for PSY205
  10. Something Old and Something New: A brief Introduction to Effect Size Statistics