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Recently I spent the first half of my working day reconnecting with my business partners, Greg and Jane Schneider. Greg and I became immediate friends when I first joined the Carroll faculty in 1978.  He served as Director of Counseling, Career and Health Services at Carroll for thirteen years and also taught Business and Organizational Psychology. In 1990 he left Carroll and founded Schneider Consulting. Shortly thereafter he invited me to become his business partner, a decision both of us have never regretted. I always leave Greg treasuring the richness of our relationship and in awe of how well we work together.

Our meetings are constructive chaos. Catching up on personal events over a cup of tea, updating and upgrading his computers, discussing some writing projects we have been talking about doing together—for about 25 years. Teasing; Toiling; Trusting; Teaching; Confiding; Consoling; being mutually uplifting—all within a natural atmosphere of unconditional positive regard.

We are always quite comfortable correcting each other and moving back and forth between teacher and learner roles. I introduce him to WordPress blogging capabilities. He shares with me some of his forté using dictation functions built into the Mac. I can see how that capability may help me quite a bit with my writing. For example I just dictated these last two sentences. And these, too. So much to learn —it’s so fun to learn with someone. Thank you, business partners, Greg and Jane, for all the learning and collaborative opportunities we have shared. I look forward to our continuing to learn together.