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I’m revisiting a number of journal entries I made across the past forty years. I just purchased a five-year journal that allows me to compare my thoughts across the past five years. How things have changed!


While cleaning the office  I came across my journal notes from when I still was a graduate student at Ohio State.  I had just returned from a two-day job interview at then-named Carroll College in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Much has changed since then!

cufacts-2I still use and keep journals now–some paper and pencil— though I now do most journaling using software dedicated to that function. Though I have explored the utility of many apps, my personal preference at the moment is DayOne. An excellent hour-long screencast tutorial is available from Screencastsonline.

I particularly use journaling to follow the recommendations of Jane Hart on the value (I would argue, the necessity) of reflecting on my workday accomplishments. This was one of many lessons I learned from Jane. How deserving her recent award and recognition! What a pioneer, mentor, and virtual Friend she has been for over a decade.
What journaling software or tools do you use? Why?