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I just finished reading André Alexis’  prize-winning, beautiful novel Fifteen Dogs: An Apologue. Reading good literature revitalizes, inspires, and humbles me. Reading this short book revived some past learning about mythology (and The Fates) from my high school Latin class. Alexis raises many important philosophical issues about life, death, kindness, true understanding, communication, (im)mortality and happiness. And, as a bonus, I learned about the poetry genre invented by Francois Caradec for the OULIPO intended to have meaning both for humans and animals.Many thanks to former student Teresa Daniel for the book recommendation.

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With apologies to Clement Clarke Moore (1779 – 1863) Leo has composed the following poem.

Twas the night before Classes and strewn through the house

    Are his books and his notes and his Mac and his mouse,

His syllabi are stacked on the desk with great care

Stapled, collated, and ready to share.

Leo is snuggled all weary from play

Protesting, professing, preferred yesterdays

Of swimming and walking and playing and eating

Why bother with meetings? They’re so self-defeating.

My persistence is dogged, I think with my heart.

My humor so waggish; why be apart?

What a bummer to give up the Dog Days of Summer!