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I am giving exam right now for the 2nd time today. In my 41 years here I have never had so many canceled classes (because of the weather), so syllabi have had to be revised and faculty are in most cases behind at least a week. Below are some reflections from 2014. In red are some current comments that might be of interest to my reader(s).

It was a reasonably quiet day at Camp Carroll as I returned to campus for the first time since Mothers’ Day (Commencement) . I adjusted my invisibility cloak to semi-permeable but kept the missile defense system active. I spent most of the morning shoveling a path through my office and lab—the piles of papers, notebooks, etc. gave clear evidence that I had departed in a hurry. So THAT is where my Ipod was! Yech—that sandwich needs an escort out to the trash bin. And today I almost finished sorting my 200 boxes of office holdings and reduced them to 10 boxes full of folders of writing material. I am contacting former students with whom I still am in touch (through Facebook and LinkedIn and/or through their children who have been students here) and offering to share with them materials from their folders – e.g. letters of recommendation, photos, correspondence if they send me their snail mail address. I often send these treasures in a CARROLL COLLEGE envelope and include a Carroll COLLEGE decal. Today I touched base with Mike Schwerin in that regard.

I dealt with the usual annoyances of computers not working; lack of access to locked rooms and I left today satisfied with having created creating a semblance of order in the office and lab. Today the key card for my office failed to work as did the key card for all Rankin office. Ah, technology.

How delightful to find summer notes on my door from three alumni!  Thank you, Anita Rodriguez, Julie Sascer-Burgos (PsyD!), and Kristina Dones for stopping by.

Anita and I are planning to get together this month after more than 30 years. She was part of the large number of students from the Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands whom Shirley Hilger used to recruit to Carroll. Hey Eddie and Donna Richards; Julie Sascer-Burgos; Tulio Otero — send me your snail mail and I’ll reciprocate with some fond memories and Carroll COLLEGE memorabilia!

Of COURSE, I remember all three of you—and yes, I’d love to get together either in person, via Skype, or by phone. Thanks for your kind words—and the memories!  Yes, Kristina (class of 2009) I too have many positive memories. Anita and Julie (class of ’82) remember my office being in the basement of Voorhees. Each of these three former students also had classes with my two esteemed colleagues, Ralph and Virginia Parsons

David, Ralph, and Virginia
David, Ralph, and Virginia

It’s amazing (satisfying) how much I can get done with no interruptions or distractions.

I just about finished reading  Cal Newport’s Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World. I must confess, the author has given me much to think about. And, to write about!

I chatted with a student who is trying to return to campus after experienced some academic difficulties. I believe that she will be able to graduate and I tried to be be both appropriately supportive and realistic about how she needs to change her behavior to succeed.

Today when my students are done with this exam I’ll mosey upstairs to the ballroom where Carroll’s PSI CHI Club has set up a well organized Psych fair with representatives from a wide variety of psychology and psychology-related programs. Among the representatives there are two former students Dr. Heather Jones and Dr. Brad Riemann. I’ll sneak up for a quick hello before meeting with an advisee who is questioning whether she should continue with a psychology major. I recall vividly when I myself experienced the same doubts.  I am still trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up!

I had a brief visit from two colleagues. I shared with Psychology colleague Chris May my excitement about (self) publishing my statistics text and we made a lunch date. Tomorrow I (sigh) have three meetings.


I am so delighted to be able to continue to stay in touch with Chris since he left Carroll for the Netherlands and became engaged and a homeowner! Send me a snail mail address, Chris, and I’ll send you some photos from your past here!

Time to head home and see how the Newf is doing in my absence. She has now been home a week since her week’s hospital stay.

Alas, the Newf is in Dog Heaven but Leo the Great has stepped into her shoes. We can’t wait for the 2019 Bark in the Park Parade that was so much fun last year.