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As I prepare for my final semester teaching at Carroll University, I am migrating to different learning tools  (e.g. using my Iphone and Ipad more; creating a new blog site; and migrating to a new gmail account). With the able support of my three talented student assistants, I hope to focus yet on the following learning tools.

  1. Camtasia. Now that a course for this is available on LinkedIn, I’ll master this screen casting software since I know I can use it both on Macs and PC’s. Still, I find Screenflow more intuitive (and sometimes am attracted to Capto). Moreover, I now have an opportunity to learn how to use and master Carroll’s new media production and distribution system being installed next door.
  2. Google Suite. I plan to master this since I’ll be using it with my newly created blog site and gmail accounts. Actually, this is an opportunity to explore ALL Google Apps and consume    read the Google apps books I twice bought and failed to read!
  3. Babbel. I plan to travel abroad in the next few years and have always wanted to refresh my Spanish-speaking skills. I’ll put this on “hold” for now.
  4. WordPress. I plan to continue writing, but I’ll retire David-in-Carroll-Land  and Curious David in Carrollland in May replacing them with Curiousdavidredux. The migration now is proceeding smoothly and I’ll bring on board three talented students to the project.
  5. DayOne: As I’ve written about elsewhere, for my purposes this is the best journaling software. I need to get back into the habit of daily reflection with this tool.
  6. LinkedIn: Without doubt this tool has grown in value to me and may serve me even better once I leave academe. There are so many things about it that I’d like to help improve through becoming a regular author of germane articles.
  7. Google Translate: I find this tool invaluable when I communicate with colleagues across the globe. Президенту трудно понять разницу между «бы» и «не будет».
  8. Noteboomtutorials: This is one of my “gotos” when I need a brief refresher on how to use my Mac tools. I also find immensely valuable Screencastsonline.
  9. Designrr: I am starting to favor this self-publishing tool over CreateSpace [ But I need to give the new merger of CreateSpace with Kindle a careful examination. I successfully completed the migration yesterday.] Here is something that my assistant Kristen and I produced with it last year with Designrr.
  10. Grammarly: I find this tool helpful in many ways, especially when I am writing. under pressure and with haste.