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Version 2

  1. This is an important book that deserves careful reading and wide-spread attention. I challenge you to read it with your social media connections turned off. Here is a sampling of his ideas:
  2. His reasoning is sound, the sources he provides in the notes are trustworthy, current, and interesting, and he writes well with a balance of humor, authority, practical advice, and caution.
  3. I found each of the seven chapters ( “A Lopsided Arms Race, Digital Minimalism, The Digital Clutter, Spend Time Alone, Don’t Click “Like”, Reclaim Leisure, and Join the Attention Resistance”)  important and thought-provoking. All made me think deeply and wince.
  4. He gave me many ideas worthy of pulling together into a course I’d like to create about “the attention economy”. Here would be some of the materials:   Tim Wu’s The Attention Merchants;  Sherry Turkle’s TED TalksAllsides. comTristan Harris’ TED Talks; Adam Alter’s TED Talks; 
  5. I admire his ability to weave into arguments and recommendations “Amish hacking,” Stoicism, Henry David Thoreau, and the over-riding theme of making technology work on behalf of specific things that you value.
  6. I thank him for providing many simple practices for taking back control from technology.`I cannot rebut or resist his reasoned call for action.
  7. I’d welcome your reactions to the book.