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Sometimes my ignorance is indeed a blissful state, I enjoy being ignorant in the sense of the original Latin ignorare of “to not know”. Not knowing invites learning, and I find the process of learning exhilarating. Thank you, Jane Hart, for introducing me to so many avenues and venues for continuous learning and for encouraging activities that develop and nurture intrinsic motivation such as the 50 tasks you introduced in your recent Modern Professional Learner’s course.

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Lots of (re)learning this week as I binged on going through the 50 tasks assigned by Virtual Friend and Mentor Jane Hart in her superb Modern Professional Learning Workshop. I have always found her  “courses” well-designed. She makes thoughtful, clever, and creative use of materials she has collected, vetted, improved, and shared across the years. I am particularly impressed at how she somehow is able to add a personalized factor, personally reacting to comments and providing constructive mentoring. Truly inspiring and worthy of emulation. Thank you, Jane Hart, for over a decade having taught me, inspired me, and motivated me. You introduced me to blogging and alerted me to learning tools I have taught, used, and shared with my students, clients, and colleagues.

More learning of an additional kind is occurring in my life as my students and I attempt to pull together in book format what we have learned about the efficacy of brain-training software and what we have learned from Jane Hart about technology learning tools. So much yet to get done in the next 72 days. Still,  I never fail to be amazed at how my student assistants consistently exceed my expectations.