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I am among the 12 million social media followers that Guy Kawasaki mentions in his latest (15th book) that he has. We’ve never met in person though we share one LinkedIn mutual first connection (Bob Cialdini – one of the best writers about social influence I have ever known first hand). Guy did “virtually” invite me (and possibly 12 million others:)) to read his latest book and share our reviews. I have also read and found very informative two of his prior books: Ape: How to Publish a Book and The Art of Social Media.

This book is clearly different in format, substance, and style from his earlier work. He clearly articulates in the preface and throughout the book that his intent is neither memoir nor autobiography but rather personal lessons shared with readers with a goal of enlightening others.

The book consists of vignettes, rambling from topic to topic, sometimes repetitive or disjointed, often sarcastic, full of insights, at times quite intimate, at other times quite brash and smart-alecky. It “reads” like I was sitting beside the author with him reminiscing. The book is full of white space and replete with personal scrapbook-like insertions of photos, past speeches which were given, and rambling, personal, at times intimate stories. He even includes contributions from his children whom he clearly loves deeply.

The author is at times witty, brash, brutally candid, wacky, playful, and self-deprecating. Incorporated throughout the book are wide-ranging boxed summaries of “Wisdom” distilled from Life Lessons Learned. Though often platitudinous, these lessons are nonetheless well worth thinking about given Guy’s amazing life experiences. Also woven throughout the book are well-chosen, thought-provoking timeless quotations that add value and fit well the topics addressed.

The book is replete with (un)conventional wisdom. At times it made me smile. Other times it irritated me or made me wince. It definitely gave me greater insight into not only the author but into myself. Though I encountered much with which I disagreed, that is part of the enlightenment process and the Path of continuous (re) learning. I found chapters 09 and 10 LOL (Laugh-Out Lessons) and Skills, particularly personally enlightening. Alas, Guy, I shall probably NOT follow up on your suggestion to take up surfing. Thanks, though for sharing your life lessons.