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Screenshot of unfinished projects using Designrr software.

It’s March Madness time in my university career and I’m attempting to maintain a full-court press in my writing endeavors. For the next week I am going to revisit a number of partially completed writing projects scattered across about a dozen computers while testing the capabilities of about a dozen pieces of ebook publishing and writing software. My inspiration is Ali Luke’s well-written Publishing E-books for Dummies, which though published in 2012, has proven remarkably helpful.

Today I am using Designrr software. My talented student assistant, Kristen Reszka, has already been able to explore this tool with me so I shall be calling upon her in particular for additional support. She also was my mentor and nudge for more fully using my iPhone as a learning tool.

Let’s see what I can do with Designrr with some earlier blog pieces my students and I have written. Please realize that these are penultimate drafts still containing some formatting errors. They are in PDF format but I also have been able to convert these to Mobi (Kindle), Epub, and Ibook Author (pages) format.