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It might be interesting to give this presentation (revised ten years later).:)


Below are the points that I wish to explore in my presentation. Each is a resource-rich hypertext link documenting some of the things I’ve discovered in the past year.

  1. Omega and Alpha: At the time this link pointed to my Milwaukee Journal online blog column and to new directions in blogging I hoped to explore.
  2. Pioneering at Carroll: At the time this link pointed to the Freshman Seminar on Web 2.0 learning tools I had developed.
  3. Taking Hart to heart: At the time, this link pointed to Jane Hart’s first survey of online learning tools.
  4.  Feeding Frenzy: At the time, this link was pointing to my “discovery” of RSS feeds.
  5. Worldwide collaboration: Link showed how Internet tools allowed for global outreach and cross-cultural communication.
  6. Tools in schools (K-12!): This link pointed to some of the creative work of my fellow Milwaukee Journal educational community bloggers who were elementary school teachers. I’ve always been interested in learning K – 99!
  7. Reading and Writing: This link led the audience to blogging software and a discussion of the inter-relatedness of writing and reading.
  8. Caveats: Here I pointed the audience to thoughtful pieces about the “down-sides” of internet learning tools.
  9. Beginner Tools (free): Here I pointed the audience to “free” technology learning tools.
  10. Curious David Redux: Here I addressed new directions I hoped to take my blogging including new blogging tools.