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I am migrating to different learning tools  (e.g. using my iPhone and Ipad more, creating a new blog and migrating to a new Gmail account). We are mastering the following learning tools.

  1. Google Suite. I plan to master this since I’ll be using it with my newly created blog and Gmail accounts.
  2. Babbel. I plan to travel abroad in the next few years and have always wanted to refresh my Spanish-speaking skills.
  3. WordPress. I plan to continue writing, but I’ll retire David-in-Carroll-Land replacing it with Curiousdavidredux.
  4. DayOne: As I’ve written about elsewhere, for my purposes this is the best journaling software.
  5. LinkedIn: Without a doubt, this tool has grown in value to me and may serve me even better once I leave academe.
  6. Google Translate: I find this tool invaluable when I communicate with colleagues across the globe. Президенту трудно понять разницу между «бы» и «не будет».
  7. Noteboomtutorials: When I need a brief refresher on how to use my Mac tools. I now am enamored with screencasts online.
  8. Designrr: I am starting to favor this self-publishing tool over CreateSpace. Here is something that my assistant Kristen and I produced with it last year.
  9. Grammarly: I find this tool helpful in many ways, especially when I am writing under pressure and with haste.