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Earlier in January, I had an interesting evening of “chat” with WordPress Happiness Engineers as I attempt to finalize moving my David-in-Carroll-land work and Curious-David-in_Carroll-land writings, photos, and videos to my CuriousDavidRedux venue. I do admire the patience, persistence, and expertise of such individuals. I developed similar admiration for my Wikipedia Fellows course instructors last semester.

It has been a challenging experience working across three different WordPress accounts with three different payment plans and different options.

I am going to post this BOTH in Curious-David-in-Carroll-Land and in Curious David Redux (CDR) until I am sure that the Happiness Engineer has successfully “unclogged” the importing pipeline attempting to move 450 blogs and a huge number of videos and photos to CDR. I gave her? him? other? the nuclear option if needed to move my progress along.

Post-script: Across the course of almost a week, the various Happiness Engineers hand-held me through the transition problems. Thank you! Clearly there is a reason that WordPress is the blogging software of choice for a third of all blogs on the internet. Now if only I can master the challenges of moving to a different ‘level” of subscription and the changes in editors.