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Our most recent family Thanksgiving holiday (a time of joy, happiness, good food, and playfulness) seems so long ago. Why is that? How can we celebrate thankfulness and gratitude year round and enlarge that celebration to embrace our common humanity across the globe?

There are so many people and organizations in need across the world on a daily basis. How sad it is that we must market, self-promote and commercialize the act of giving rather than internalizing it as a joyful, daily activity. “Giving Tuesday” (which will be December 3 in 2019) has become so commercialized.

Courses I’d love to develop or teach: A few years ago when I taught more “special topics courses” like “Why War?” and “Internet Learning Tools” I considered (re)creating a course dealing with the topic of “Happiness.” I think it would have been  interesting to develop a course investigating gratitude. A lot of research in this area has already been done and is shared by Berkeley’s Greater Good organization.

Thank you to my many global friends who strive to make the world a better place in your own ways through your daily efforts to make the world a better place. Here is my best effort to reach you in your native language!