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Clearly, the physical campus has dramatically changed since I appeared here in 1977. So has the personnel. I have been revisiting old yearbooks, especially since the time of my arrival here in 1977. Looking at a lot of familiar faces who taught me so much makes me smile. And for some former students, this is how they remember faculty looking!

I’m amazed at how much Carroll memorabilia is available on eBay. Maybe that is where I should unload my collection of Carroll COLLEGE memorabilia:) I purchased several postcards from around 1907. I am tempted to purchase some yearbooks which overlap when my father-in-law, Walter G. Schmidt was a student here. He saved a number of his Carroll books. For $250 I can purchase a photo of Fred MacMurray in his Carroll football outfit (the ad misspells his name). Alas, a David Simpson photo costs less than that of Bud Hudson!


Across the years I have benefited from and sometimes been befriended by dedicated Physical Plant colleagues who have maintained and improved the campus. Thank you Dennis, Ott, Ralph, and so many others. I just encountered a Rankin building cleaning crew of about a half dozen individuals hard at work keeping the newly renovated Rankin immaculate. Thank you under recognized hard-working fellow members of the Carroll community.

A year ago we were in the midst of major construction a month before graduation. Most of those projects have been completed and I am sure that the campus once again will be immaculate and magical for May 11’s graduation ceremony. Do I hear bagpipes already?