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I see that Jane Hart is calling for contributions to her annual survey of Top Learning Tools. The results of her 2019 survey can be found here.  You can vote here.

Last year, my last year of Carroll University teaching, I indicated this:

I am migrating to different learning tools as I use my I-Phone and Ipad more and have migrated away from my University account to a new Gmail account.  I will devote considerable time to mastering the following learning tools.

    1. Youtube is a frequent resource when I need to be hand-held (e.g. when I wanted guidance in flying a drone).
    2. Google Suite. I plan to master this since I’ll be using it with my newly created blog [curiousdavidredux.wordpress.com] and Gmail accounts [available upon request if I vet you!].
    3. Duolingo. I plan to travel abroad in the next few years and have always wanted to refresh my Spanish-speaking skills.
    4. WordPress. I plan to continue blogging in Curiousdavidredux.
    5. DayOne: As I’ve written about elsewhere, for my purposes this is the best journaling software.
    6. LinkedIn: Without a doubt, this tool has grown in value to me and may serve me even better now that I have left academe.
    7. Google Translate: I find this tool invaluable when I communicate with colleagues across the globe. Президенту трудно понять разницу между «бы» и «не будет».
    8. Facebook provides me a platform for learning from and about former students and colleagues.
    9. Designrr: I am starting to favor this self-publishing tool over CreateSpace which is now Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. Here is something that my former assistant Kristen and I produced with it last year.
    10. Grammarly: I find this tool helpful in many ways, especially when I am writing under pressure and with haste.

With retirement, comes wisdom 🙂 and a change in pace and in ways of learning. My top Ten Learning Tools the past year have been the following:

  1. Zoom  
  2. Facebook
  3. Screencastsonline
  4. TheGreatCourses
  5. WordPress
  6. LinkedIn
  7. YouTube
  8. Applepodcast
  9. DayOne
  10. Wikipedia

What are your favorite digital tools for learning?