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First lab computer, TRS80

Over the past 40 years I have had the pleasure of hiring, mentoring, and learning with a multitude of talented student research assistants. Many of them subsequently went on to graduate school to earn advanced degrees. More gratifying, most of them have continued to stay in touch, often through social media or their sending my way their children as students. Here are some reflections from 2016 about four recent graduates (all who went on to graduate school).

Some of my most joyful teaching moments occur outside the classroom playfully interacting with my student research assistants. Today as I experimented with teaching capabilities of Vimeo and YouTube I invited two members of my research team to join me briefly to help me test the Voila Screencasting application. Our shared laughter is invigorating.

And here is the wisdom of my other youthful team members. They provided me many positive Carroll learning moments!