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Interesting to me to revisit and re-examine some of my earlier writings from the perspective of post retirement. This one was written in November of 2013.

My work day begins at 5:30 a.m. I confess that I check my email and assorted social media accounts (especially Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin) upon arising, far too many times across the course of the work day, and again before bed-time.  Thursdays is my research day. There are so many technological learning enhancement tools that promise me increased efficiency and enhanced opportunity to  collaborate. I notice that Jane Hart have created a slide-share presentation of technology learning trends. I review them to make sure that I am familiar with their promise.  I visit Profhacker.  I try and make a substantive, constructive contribution to the creative work that some of my fellow educators across the globe are involved in. I have a wonderful 45 minute Skype session with an international colleague. Sometimes I get the most done by avoiding the Internet the whole day.

Since retiring, I try to devote at least 4 five-minute time periods a day to reflection: once early morning; once around noon; once mid-day (around 5:00 p.m.) and once around 10:00 p.m. I have found quite useful the Day One App since it syncs across my iPhone and Ipad. I have a number of different venues for recording my reflections — sitting down at the lake with the dog (or briefly stopping while on a dog walk) or from sequestered office spaces I have access to. I also spend much more time appreciating nature: the colors, odors, sounds, movements, and developmental changes in wildlife and flora. I have rediscovered how to control my social media as valuable tools which can and ought to be put aside.