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Phil 3DSCN5443

I have been reviewing large numbers of photos, emails, alumni magazines, student newspapers, diaries, and records as I sort out my career as a professor. The photos above reflect a number of my “influencers.”

Do you see your photo above? You might (and definitely would) if you attended Carroll between 1978 and 2019!—- especially if I uploaded all the photos I have:)

Among the photos above are my former graduate school adviser, Tom Ostrom, the founder of the Carroll College Psychology Department, Joe Runkel, two Carroll Psychology Department Colleagues Ralph and Virginia Parsons (as they looked in 1980 when they took me under their wings), two present Carroll University Psychology colleagues (Matt Scheel and Josh Wolf, a former Carroll student), two of many legendary colleagues Phil Krecjarek and Pete Settle in their 1980 likenesses), my last  student research student Kristen, a number of my former students and research assistants, my brother, my sister, and my nephews when we were practicing our thespian talents at North Lake. I got to portray Bob Uecker!

And here are some of the Carroll Living Legends who entertain and guide me during our Zoom, Virtual Coffee Sessions.


Thanks to all for all you have taught me and continue to teach me!