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Someone was watching us. Annie, Cole, and I held a brief meeting to discuss what to do. We decided to strike up a conversation with the next frog we saw. We avoided using Google Translate for Animals and struck up a conversation with a most extra-ordinary North Lake frog. Throughout our conversation while Annie and Cole asked him questions, I attempted to photograph this historic occasion. Our conversation was somewhat confusing because he seemingly was a shape shifter alternating through different universes. In a future report, written in the language Twine, we’ll attempt to impose some order on our preliminary findings.

What is your name? Jerald or is it Bob????

What other shapes have you been? Shoeless Joe Jackson and a Unicorn.

What are you thinking about right at this moment? What is that bearded guy doing with that device he holds up to his eye and, if that is a camera, I feel so famous – May I have some copies of the photos for my partner?

What would you like to be when you grow up? A famous golfer or a famous unicorn.

What will you do once you leave us today? I may turn back into a unicorn and frolic in the woods or I may return to my alternative shape-shifting world and reappear in the hotel in the form of a youthful Shoeless Joe.

At this point, he showed us a few other places he has visited on our property and we briefly discussed the importance of frogs in literature.

Frog Literature

  1. Children’s Literature
  2. Fictional Frogs and Toads

And then he hopped away.

Stay tuned for further adventures.