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“How do you stay mentally stimulated during this pandemic” asked a fellow member of the virtual Zoom-session coffee group I belong to.

I listened with interest since these 15 individuals were often a source of mental stimulation when I taught at Carroll – and still are! Alas, I had to abruptly leave the Zoom session before I could share my response.

Here is what I meant to say.

I continue to seek out opportunities to learn, to build upon past learning, to learn new things, and to share what I have learned. For example, since I enjoyed many opportunities to review books for the now defunct electronic journal PsyCritiques, I continue to seek out similar opportunities such as my recent review of Dr. Michelle Braun’s High Octane Brain and my offering to be a reader for Dr. Ellen Langill’s in progress Carroll University Volume Two – 175 Years:  1946 – 2021.

I also am engaged in developing greater expertise in using WordPress in order to revisit all my blogposts of the past decade, update them, and publish them in an accessible format. To this end I’ve been exploring the present capabilities of a WordPress Plugin developed by Mike Colin Nelson for self-publishing. The video below (using Camtasia 2020) illustrates the process and the PDF below it is an example of one of the the products that can be produced. 

Curious David Emeritus (Click the link to see the PDF with live links).

I have been having lots of fun recently being a participant/consultant with 26 others from across the world in supporting the development of Mike’s Print My Blog Pro plugin. Stay tuned for additional developments.