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Giving Tuesday” is imminent. I can’t escape the reminders. I realize the psychological benefits of giving. Facebook offers interesting matching for a wide variety of charities.So many are in need this year.

Two years ago  I was  asked to be a Carroll University Giving Day “Ambassador.” I am touched by the Youtube video for this year showing masked students on campus. What a challenging teaching / learning environment.

What is Giving Tuesday? I found my answers here.  I was intrigued by its plea “Help others through the gift of your time, donations, goods or your voice. ” Let us not forget that there are other ways to give than financially.

Here is Giving Tuesday’s history according to Wikipedia.

What data is available about its integrity and success? I found a whale of a lot of data  (facts, statistics, and predictions) here.

Two years ago I made a donation in recognition of the gifts of love and labor of my Carroll Physical Plant Friends across the past 40 plus years. Thank you, Dennis, Ott, Ralph, and so many others!  

Based on my thorough reading of the above links, my psychological indebtedness to Carroll  through over four decades of teaching and learning, my awareness of the talents and financial needs of our students, and my belief in paying forward, I plan again to contribute to its Giving Tuesday efforts on December 1, 2020.