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Why have I been spending an hour a day the last three weeks exploring Duolingo? Perhaps it was because of its regular advertisements on CNN (though I generally am quite skeptical of advertising claims). Perhaps,it was because it provides financial support to NPR (but so, too, once did products like Lumosity which made false claims about its effectiveness).. Perhaps it was the fascinating story of Duolingo’s  origins. No doubt it was due to my knowing that several of my Carroll friends are using it.

Before I began using it I identified its position on Jane Hart’s Top Learning Tools list and reviewed the items she had provided in her Guide for the Duolingo


Then I signed up. I find it fun, engaging, and even slightly addictive, but I have so many other projects in mind that can use those hours (e.g. possibly sharing 175 Carroll moments from my 41 years there; possibly creating some ebooks; raising my WordPress skills to a higher level), that I’ll probably bid Duolingo hasta la vista. Fortunately I have so many Spanish-speaking friends who can assist me if I ever decide to try and refresh those lost language skills.