Starting to pull together my Carroll blog pieces into coherent groups to provide material for testing Mike Nelson’s Print My Blog Pro plugin.

  1. The Simpson Report (Redacted Version) – What Really Happened During those years at Carroll?

  2. What will you DO now that you have retired?
  3. Sham, shame, hope, and hype: Revisiting claims of brain training and dementia mitigating software
  4. 41 lessons learned from 41 years teaching at the same institution.
  5. Can one kill a college/university culture?
  6. Tools, strategies, and suggestions for learning across the course of a lifetime.
  7. The Simpson Report: (Unredacted version): 21 suggestions for improvement
  8. Happy demi-semi-sept-centennial anniversary, Carroll!
  9. 175 Memories from My Carroll Experiences
  10. The Best of David in Carroll Land