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This will be included in a series of Blogs tentatively titled “David in Carroll Land” based on 4 decades of teaching at Carroll. I’ll be pulling them together using Mike Nelson’s newly improved WordPress Plugin Print My Blog Pro.


IMG_0015Despite the semester only a week old, I have been unusually busy with other Carroll matters at times when I ordinarily would be working side-by-side with my research assistants. Fortunately, they are reliable, competent, and motivated enough to delight me with independent work.

Here is an example of what they produce in my absence! A few year’s ago I assigned to several of them the task of investigating the relative strengths and weaknesses of several kinds of screen-casting software. Here is what they produced as part of an e-book project we were engage in producing.

I find their work is helpful to me today even after they now are completing their advanced  degrees in graduate school!