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This will be included in a series of Blogs tentatively titled “David in Carroll Land” based on 4 decades of teaching at Carroll. I’ll be pulling them together using Mike Nelson’s newly improved WordPress Plugin Print My Blog Pro.

It is sad that one must rely on artificial restraints rather than using self-discipline.

One of my students once suggested that …”if the class were to have many online assignments, I believe it would be extremely beneficially to teach students how to install software that temporarily restrains them from surfing distracting websites while studying. There are several free programs which can be easily set up in order to increase focus and productivity while completing online homework.” This got me reflecting on how the Internet has challenged my own ability to focus as I sit down tonight to read a book in preparation for reviewing it.  Here’s where my distractions led me before settling down!

  1. Freedom
  2. 99U
  3. Illusion of Internet Freedom
  4. Mashable
  5. Make Use of: End of the Internet

Time to reflect upon all this and to finish reading Matt Haig’s The Midnight Library.