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This will be included in a series of blogs tentatively titled “David in Carroll Land” based on 4 decades of teaching at Carroll. I’ll be pulling them together using Mike Nelson’s newly improved WordPress Plugin Print My Blog Pro.

  1. You are still THERE? Yes, for the moment still at my first full-time job. It is 7:07 a.m. Saturday, May 11, 2019 and I am sitting in the office moving furniture to make sure I don’t leave behind any secret stuff. Eeew. Just discovered a treasure in the microwave from a long time ago. Must remember to join the Commencement platform party for breakfast at President’s Gnadinger’s house at 8:30. It will be nice to reconnect with alumnus (Class of 1992) Alfonso Morales, Milwaukee’s police chief there. It looks like a beautiful day for a 10:30 Saturday outdoors graduation.
  2. Are you OK? I received that text message the other day from a dear staff friend concerned that I might be the reason EMT staff were rushing to Rankin Hall. To the best of my knowledge, I am OK for a 70-year-old. Students have kept me young(er). I shall deeply miss the joy they have given me.
  3. What will you DO?

a) attempt to find all my missing gloves and socks.

b) establish new habits

c) unpack 41 years of academic stuff

d) finish some writing projects (100 blog drafts with a special interest in my

focusing on brain health and internet learning tools

e) take (or create) some courses

f) become more involved in service activities (e.g. North Lake library or Waukesha

Humane society)

g) take more advantage of memberships in the Ice Age Trail and Historical societies

h) play

i) catch up on a backload of about 20 books I recently bought

j) read the New Yorker and the Atlantic cover to cover BEFORE the next issues arrive

i)  Reflect upon this sage advice    “Don’t Retire. Accelerate.” of Darrell Bracken, Head of Logitech