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One of my few regrets over my forty one years of teaching at Carroll was my failure to take advantage of opportunities to take students abroad. My own such personal experiences (visiting Spain and Portugal for a few weeks while attending Howland High School; studying in Guanajuato, Mexico for a 6 weeks while an undergraduate at Oberlin College; doing research for 6 months in Bergen, Norway while a graduate student at The Ohio State University) were valuable, value forming, formative and informative. Fortunately I’ve been blessed and my life experiences enriched with students, friends, relatives, and colleagues whose home is abroad.

Hopefully during retirement we will do some international traveling. Where should we travel? Our passports are in hand; we have used them the last few pre-pandemic summers traveling through Canada. We have friends and relatives in Norway, Russia, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. I am of Scottish heritage and becoming increasingly interested in genealogy. And I have a new found interest in India!

Recently the Netherlands has been sending me signals that perhaps I should visit there. I’ve already checked it out on by following a Dutch news feed! And there are fascinating friends there! And talented artists like Saskia SE de Rooy have even come to Carroll reminding me about the beauty in life. My portrait sculpture was done in 2018 by the talented Carroll student artist Ashley Goetz under the tutelage of Saskia.

Perhaps I also would attempt to visit Diederick Stapel who has given me so much to think about. Or look at the museum pieces of the artist Godfried Schalken that Google’s app said that my selfie 67% matched!