I always enjoyed returning to the classroom after a time of vacation. As my colleagues (or are they now former colleagues???) return to the classroom, I envy and respect them and wish them well.

As I continue improving my WordPress skills by taking LinkedIn Learning courses, I tonight practiced using the block editor on this short piece I wrote before classes began in 2012! I must confess I miss some of the things described below.

The campus should be abuzz tonight with Friday’s arrival of 740 new freshmen. Just sent an email to my 6 research assistants alerting them to the imminent removal of my invisibility cloak. One, predictably, replied within 30 seconds:). These special students increasingly play a critical role in my accomplishing things both inside and outside the classroom. They are fun to be with, bright, and hard-working —though at times we annoy each other! I enjoyed very much the creative Ibook they wrote last semester.

Trying now to finalize syllabi and better organize materials on my computers at home. Do I REALLY need 87 apps on my Ipad???? How best can I serve Carroll as a Technology Fellow?

This semester I’m determined to get more writing done. I am most successful in that endeavor when I block off a time to write every day—and do so. Time will tell. This will be a semester of winnowing and improving course materials. I’m going to take the plunge and use a “free” online text as an ancillary reading source in Experimental Social Psychology.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to protect the traditions of Carroll College when fewer and fewer people here remember anything other than Carroll UNIVERSITY. This saddens me, but perhaps it is a sign that I should move on. I am going to try and heed the wise advice of a trustee friend this summer who gently suggested that I was perceived by some as overly cynical. I can learn much from the wisdom of the children I play with. None has a cynical attitude nor a negative thought.