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So much to learn: so little time.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about habits, routines, streaks, and resolutions. The topic of “habits” is popular in books and even on LinkedIn . However, I  think I’ll resist the temptation to “read” them through book summaries like these four-minute books or Blinkist!

I’ve gotten into some good habits since retiring. I don’t let my “learning streaks” control me.


Among the habits I am changing or developing are the following:

  1. Reading : Though I shall continue my reading of literature, I now am finding much pleasure in reading lengthy thought pieces in, for example, The New Yorker.
  2. Time Management: I protect some personal time every day for reading, learning, writing, and reflection. 
  3. Spending: I am much more conscious of how I spend my time and my money.
  4. Exercise: The daily hour-long dog walks give me time to enjoy the beauty of nature and time for wonder, wandering, and wondering.
  5. Writing:  I continue being interested in writing longer pieces and publishing them in venues like The Conversation or Medium or self-publishing a number of books.

Time for my light bedtime reading. I just learned from reading J.K. Rowling’s The Christmas Pig 

about The Loser

“He rules the Land of the Lost. He’s the reason Things fall out of pockets when you thought that they were secure. He’s the one who befuddles your mind so that you forget where you put you last put your pen”

At last I know what happened to all those lost socks and gloves of mine!