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Revisiting Reflections: The Wisdom (and Freshness) of Freshmen

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Dear First-year Student,

Though I have not taught at Carroll since May of 2019,  I, too, offer you a heartfelt welcome. You may well be the son, daughter, niece, or nephew of one of my former students. That has happened a lot.

First-year students played a vital positive role in my life during my 41 years of teaching at Carroll. They made me smile, motivated me to learn from their enthusiasm, made me proud as I saw them grow across their years at Carroll, and made me especially happy when we could stay in touch over the years. I still am in touch via social media with some of my first-year students from 1979! Several have become members of Carroll’s Board of Trustees!

 Don’t forget that your best apps are not the ones on your phone but are your values and your mind. 

Here are a few friendly suggestions I offer based on my years of teaching and learning.

  1. Don’t be too proud to seek help or advice from faculty, staff, administrators, and older students –especially those who know the campus and our students well.
  2. Take advantage of opportunities to try new things, meet new people (especially from different cultures), and learn how to learn better. Research suggests that the quality of relationships (e.g., with peers, with faculty)  is central to a positive, successful college experience.
  3. Set aside some time for self-reflection.
  4. Let self-discipline enable you rather than imprison you.
  5. Find the right balance between service and involuntary servitude, between doing the right thing and doing things right. I envy you the learning opportunities that you are about to discover.

      Best wishes,

      David Simpson, Emeritus Professor of Psychology



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