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I continue to be intrigued by the idea of attempting to put together some sort of personal collection of Carroll reflections in a podcast format. The individuals featured above no doubt could add much to the conversation since our lives touched many times during my 41 years of teaching. They continue to teach me a lot in our weekly conversations.

Such a podcast of course would eventually have to include the music of Children of the Heavenly Father, bagpipes, and the sound of the victory bell. And I would have to clear the barn of the boxes and boxes of photos, yearbooks, and diaries stored there.  I would have to catch up on some of my newspaper reading:


   And I would draw upon my  personal digital archives from Curious David in Carroll Land and Curious David Redux.

Alternatively, I’d like to devote some time to pulling together in one place the videos my students and I created over my last decade at Carroll. It would be a good application of what I learned by taking the LinkedIn course on IMovie.

I already have the trailers!


Still trying to decide whether to proceed.