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Phil 3DSCN5443


I have been reviewing large numbers of photos, emails, alumni magazines, student newspapers, diaries, and records as I sort out my career as a professor. The photos above reflect a number of my “influencers.”

Do you see your photo above? You might (and definitely would) if you attended Carroll between 1978 and 2019!—- especially if I uploaded all the photos I have:)

Among the photos above are my former graduate school adviser at Ohio State , Tom Ostrom;

the founder of the Carroll College Psychology Department, Joe Runkel;

two Carroll Psychology Department Colleagues Ralph and Virginia Parsons (as they looked in 1980 when they took me under their wings);

two present Carroll University Psychology colleagues (Matt Scheel and Josh Wolf, a former Carroll student);

two of many legendary colleagues Phil Krecjarek and Pete Settle (in their 1980 likenesses);

my last  student research student Kristen;

a number of my former students and research assistants;

my brother and my sister;

my business partner, Greg Schneider, who started at Carroll the same year I did;


And here are some of the Carroll Living Legends who entertain and guide me during our Zoom, Virtual Coffee Sessions.

With some I was able to reunite on campus at a recent Emeritus Faculty and Retired Staff luncheon.

Thanks to all for all you have taught me and continue to teach me!