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Interesting “break-through” tonight as I worked through Nick Brazzi’s LinkedIn Learning Course “MacOS Big Sur Essential Training.” I discovered a way to overcome an obstacle interfering with my ability to master my WordPress blogging software.  It’s time to rechannel my Zeigarnik tension to complete or delete those 154 drafts of WordPress blogs started across the last decade!

This week I’m working through Nick’s updated course dealing with Mac Ventura Essentials.


For the two years I’ve been exploring the utility of using DuoLingo to build upon the foundation of my two years of Spanish at Howland High School and my Spanish major equivalence studied at Oberlin College. I found Jane Hart’s Guide to DuoLingo to be valuable in assisting my mastery of Duolingo and have written several blog posts about my (mis)adventures with Duolingo. I especially enjoy opportunities to share learning opportunities on Duolingo via FriendQuests. 


Throughout my four decades of teaching I tried to build bridges across the Kindergarten to Higher Education divide, among different global communities and  between academic and corporate cultures.   I  participated twice in workshop created by The United Kingdom’s Jane Hart. The foundation of these workshops, “Promoting Continuous Learning in the Workplace, is her updated The Modern Workplace Learning online resource.  I may revisit this valuable learning resource.

How refreshing it has been to interact with the author (whom I have admired and corresponded with for over 10 years) and to develop learning relationships with individuals across the world. Based on things I’ve learned and reflected since my last workshop with Jane, I “connected” with workshop participants on LinkedIn, incorporated some of the exchanged ideas into my interactions with my student research teams, and learned continuously.

Other learning resources I am drawing upon this year are the following:

  1. Udemy
  2. The Great Courses
  3. Screencastsonline
  4. MacU
  5. WordPress courses
  6. MacSparky
  7. LinkedIn Learning
  8. YouTube
  9. Jane Hart’s Top Tools for Learning.
  10. My Emeriti Zoom Friends.

So much to learn. So little time.

There is so much new learning on  the horizon with recent breakthroughs in AI.

What learning resources do you use to learn continuously?