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I am using some of my post-retirement time to revisit, re-evaluate, and sometimes remaster learning and writing tools. One of the tools that I recently revisited was Designrr. Below is a Flipbook I created with it using as text a recent blog post I wrote about iMovie. I still need to figure out how to embed videos though it may be as “simple” a matter as (sigh) paying more money to upgrade to a higher level.

Below is a list of uncompleted Designrr projects that my students and I started while I was teaching or that I have partially developed since I “graduated”— that is, retired!. The two most developed are “Book-writing with students” and “What should an undergraduate know about LinkedIn?”

Let’s see if putting on my new Harry Potter Wizarding World Sherpa Lined Socks helps me focus on completing some writing projects like these or whether I get cold feet!