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Taking a break from keeping up with ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence learning tools and revisiting archives of old David-in-Carroll-Land blog pieces. Rediscovering some things, I wrote a few years ago as I continue my relearning of what WordPress can do.

The text below was written at the end of October of 2018. Oh, how naive I was!

This last year as a university professor poses interesting challenges to time management and prioritizing. I underestimated how much time (and disruption) would be caused by ALMOST having a Milwaukee World Series, mastering new MAC and PC operating systems, accepting the opportunity to become an APS Wikipedia Fellow (essentially taking a weekly course), teaching a class I hadn’t taught for two years on one week’s notice, creating a newly taught Wikipedia component in my course, migrating from David-in-Carroll-Land to Curious-David-Redux, and protecting time for family, fun, and friends. Despite the headlines, life is good. So much to learn.