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Amused by the clutter on my Macbook Pro laptop tonight, I was reminded that this was a problem for me throughout my years of teaching. 

From my Wayback archives of blogs from David-in-Carroll-land … (February, 2015)

I seem to return to certain topics—like reducing virtual desk top clutter. I am once again in the process of reviewing

“applications” I’ve installed. I read a thoughtful piece in the New York Times this morning suggesting that the urge to declutter or the perceptions of succeeding in the task may be misguided.

I have a goal of reducing the 37-years of accumulated office clutter by pulling together all the institutional research I have done (thank you former research assistants) and combining it with present data collection processes. However, I am amused and annoyed to discover how technology sometimes makes data acquisition more difficult.

Right now two of my student research assistants are helping me pull together a blog piece dedicated to the Carroll alumni I have known as students across the past 37 years. Take a peak at a work in progress.

Let me know if you’d like a picture of you from year’s gone by. I’ll trade you for one of me when I was younger OR of you today.

Time to clean up that desktop.