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One of the unexpected downsides of retirement was my underestimate of just how busy I would be. Another was my underestimating how quickly software and technology would change if I stopped my usual pace of constant learning in my role as a professor.

 Time to refocus and re-center, finding the right balance between pre and post retirement activities. Initially I plan to focus on finishing up some writing projects I started when I first began using WordPress. I still see some value in sharing some of the earlier Milwaukee Journal Sentinel blogs I did and my david-in-carroll-land blogging work that I did with my talented students.

At the end of my day, I try to spend some time either reading or meditating. The two books above are the bed time reading I am currently enjoying. The former book is written by a Carroll faculty and complements the Richie Davison‘s  Center for Healthy Minds  meditation program I am participating in.

The latter book is a Man Booker award winning novel.

I recently reread my former colleague Peggy Kasimatis’ novel Not Pink (it begs being made into a movie).

What books would you recommend?