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A “Revisited” blog post indicates that I reread the original and used AI-assisted tools (e.g., Grammarly) to improve grammar and word choice.

I originally wrote this on November 15, 2016, while I still was teaching. It’s interesting to see how I return to the same themes – and how much technology has advanced! 

Version 3

Last night I took the time to wander and wonder outside our North Lake home with my camera taking pictures of the super moon.  The evening was beautiful, but having to focus and refocus my camera helped develop my thoughts about the importance of focus and refocus in my life. Reflection and refocusing in one’s life is excellent for my mental health and imperative.

I’m sitting at my desk between the time of administering two exams. How best should I use this “free” time? Too often, I use the time to start yet another project. Instead, this time I am reflecting.  I also am trying to dictate this blog piece using my Nuance Dragon Professional software. It has improved in accuracy and ease of use, and it is far past time for me to learn how to use it to my advantage.

Still, it has limitations (or perhaps I still need to learn its features better).

“Hours longer we to bury was.”  That gibberish was what the software produced when I attempted to quote something I read in Latin almost 50 years ago:  “ars longa, vita brevis.” Art is long; life is short.

I had forgotten that the passage was originally attributed to Hippocrates. I embrace his  more complete quotation:

“Life is short, and art long, opportunity fleeting, experimentations perilous, and judgment difficult.”

So much to learn, so little time. So much beauty to discover and appreciate.



So many perilous experiments to be risked to live more fully. So many complex judgments to make. So many difficult conversations are needed.  Yet, I believe I have been blessed by being allowed to teach and learn continuously.

Time to return to the classroom—renewed…