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A “Revisited” blog post indicates that I reread the original and used AI-assisted tools (e.g., Grammarly) to improve grammar and word choice.

First published on April 14, 2014.


Examtime is a relatively new (beta) version piece of software that has exciting potential for students and teachers. Here is a relatively recent Lifehacker review.

https://www.examtime.com/p/511314-Doug-Hastad-President-mind_maps?frame=trueby dsimpson

Here is an example of a fun “quiz” I made. I included multiple choice, True/False, and multiple response checklist formats. It was easy to upload images. I’d like to see the capability to include HTML code, videos, and hypertext links.
https://www.examtime.com/p/746829-What-kinds-of-quizzes-can-Examtime-make–quizzes?frame=trueby dsimpson

Here is a silly example of flashcards:
https://www.examtime.com/p/747105-Match-Photo-with-Description-flash_card_decks?frame=trueby dsimpson
Here is some feedback I received from two of my research assistants, Liz and Amy:

ExamTime is an educational tool for making mind maps, quizzes, and notecards. The application also allows you to take notes and build schedules for studying. ExamTime is an excellent place for students and educators to collaborate and share information. The application is currently in a beta version and is a free tool.

To explore the features of ExamTime, I made a mind map, notecards, and a quiz. Of the three, the most time was spent on the mind map, which was the most extensive. I found the ability to personalize the mind map very appealing. ExamTime allows you to make the map as linear or randomized as possible. Other features include adding notes or pictures within the mind map and customizing the shapes and colors to make the map visually appealing. This tool is an exceptional addition to classrooms, educators, and students of all ages. For example, 100-level language students could use ExamTime flashcards to study vocabulary, make a mind map for verb-conjugation practice, and quizzes for cultural integration.

Things I especially liked. On the surface, the application is straightforward but has many features. I particularly like the ability to create quizzes to share with friends for studying together. I also love that you can transfer the information into notes after completing a mind map with a simple click. Additionally, you can add videos, links, photos, and slideshows to a message. Not only does this application have many options for studying, but it is also very user-friendly. It allows members to organize a large pool of information quickly and easily.

Things in Need of Improvement. When making an extensive mind map, a set amount of space is available, so running out of room can be a concern with this application. Another struggle is perfectly matching the color and shapes of nodes so the final product looks polished and professional. Additionally, hypertext links cannot be added to the information, limiting some types of information sharing.

What are your experiences with Examtime? How does it compare with other similar software?