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A “Revisited” blog post indicates that I reread the original and used AI-assisted tools (e.g., Grammarly) to improve grammar and word choice.

First published August 31, 2012. I chose to keep the link to the CURRENT Carroll Psychology Program.

     The new academic year is imminent. Earlier this week, the President gave the assembled Faculty and Staff his Opening Remarks. An excellent opportunity to renew relationships with trustees present, emeriti, and extant staff and faculty colleagues.

    I only touched foot on campus once since graduation (to pick up some mail) but monitored email and voice mail. That distancing behavior has always proven vital for my reinvigoration. Among the “academic” endeavors I accomplished this summer were the writing of a book review for PsycCRITIQUES (which will be published online on September 5), the reviewing of materials submitted to the Office of Teaching Resources in Psychology, and serving as a (grant paid) data analysis consultant for a Carroll grant awarded to colleague Gary Olsen.

    My syllabi are “almost” completed. I have a 2nd summer retreat at Carroll’s Graduate Center with my Psychology Program colleagues to discuss curricular changes this afternoon. With our academic year schedules, it is so challenging to find expected meeting times that we decided to try meeting in 4-hour blocks during the summer. I like my colleagues!

    I now have the iPad 3 and am one of this year’s Carroll’s Technology Fellows. I also upgraded my Mac to the Mountain Lion operating system. Hence,  I am motivated to refocus a block of time on systematically introducing technology into my classes.  I will present a free textbook in my experimental social psychology course this semester. Establishing if the added technology adds value to my students and my teaching and learning experiences is imperative.