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A “Revisited” blog post indicates that I reread the original and used AI-assisted tools (e.g., Grammarly) to improve grammar and word choice.

First published 2022/01/13 

I retired from Carroll University in May 2019 after 41 years of teaching, research, and service. How much, if at all, should one stay in touch with a former employer after retiring?  

I am going to expand upon these thoughts while putting to use lessons learned so far from the Microsoft Mac Word online courses that I am taking on LinkedIn Learning. Then, I will migrate what I wrote into my WordPress blogging software. 

When I graduated from Howland High School, I never returned. The closest I came was ALMOST attending our 50th anniversary reunion. I had even resurrected my valedictorian speech in 1967! , but it conflicted with a planned trip to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Fortunately, I have been delighted to stay in touch on Facebook with several former classmates thanks to their initiative in our staying in touch. Thank you, Sherida, Peggy, Peigi, and many others, for kindly visiting in touch. I can’t wait to hear your new CD recordings of your original songs, Doug. 

Similarly, I have never returned to Oberlin College or Ohio State University after graduating, despite having received an excellent education and having developed some deep, meaningful relationships in both places. 

Checking In; Passing through; Staying in Touch; Passing on… 


During my first year of retirement, I found many reasons to stay in touch and visit campus. I had “left behind” a few students who worked for me; I agreed to participate in some committee work and attended a Homecoming event that recognized me.


I also had reason to work with some individuals in an attempt to grow an endowed scholarship fund.

Since the pandemic, my visits have been “virtual” and much more vicarious. I have certain “privileges” as an emeritus faculty member (e.g., an email account access to specific software). I keep close tabs on personnel comings and goings, both announced and unannounced! I also have social media contacts (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter) with former faculty colleagues, staff members, fellow emeriti, and trustees.

How much, if at all, should one stay in touch with a former employer after retiring?