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A “Revisited” blog post indicates that I reread the original and used AI-assisted tools (e.g., Grammarly) to improve grammar and word choice.

Originally published 2014/10/07.

I believe there IS a danger in becoming too dependent on “technology learning tools.” My favorite tools remain a # 2 pencil with an eraser, a Pilot G-2 broad ink pen, some writing paper, and my mind. Nonetheless, this blog post is a heart-felt mini-festschrift to an Internet visionary. I’ve written numerous blog posts about the tremendous value I find in Jane Hart’s annual identifying top learning tools. I admire and respect her vision, willingness to share, and thought-provoking ideas. As I wind up (or wind down) my teaching career over the next few years, I am making an intentional, concerted effort to use things I have learned from Jane (directly or indirectly) over the past seven years. Thank you, Comrade and Mentor across the Pond!

  1. I have incorporated the use of Ning into my Experimental Social Psychology class  (or see Julie Lindsay‘s superb utilization of Ning). Let me know if you would like to visit this Ning, especially if you are a former student, classmate, or experimental social psychologist. I welcome incorporating your thoughts about the course, being a social psychologist, or using social psychology in Ning.
  2. Jane has influenced (favorably) my extra-classroom university academic life (e.g., I maintain alums contact through Linkedin and by cross-posting my WordPress blogs across Facebook and Twitter.
  3. Jane’s influence has transformed the way I conduct my committee work (e.g., I recently began a Planning and Budget Committee meeting, which I co-chaired with a ScreenFlow screencast that explained to colleagues how to access budget and planning information).
  4. Jane has transformed my daily interaction with my student research assistants, who annually pilot-test all tools on Jane’s list.  Among the tools we currently use or are bench-marking for student learning utilities are Google Drive, Class Owl, and WordPress. These research assistants continue revitalizing me with their intelligence, playfulness, eagerness to learn, and youth. I have invited this year’s S-Team to identify what Top Tools they find most valuable and which they’d like to know. Stay tuned.