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November 14, 2023

The history of “Giving Tuesday” and the global radicalized generosity movement is fascinating. Sadly, what once was a simple reminder to give back, pay forward, and be generous to those in need has become so commercialized.

So many needs and so many in need. So little time

To give or not to give. That is the question I ask myself as “Giving Tuesday” approaches. 

Again, this year, I am an Ambassador for Carroll’s CUonGivingTuesday campaign since Carroll holds a special place in my heart after 41 years of teaching there.

I have just donated in admiration and confirmation of former student Linda Sklander’s 39 years of commitment to helping students complete their degrees. 

The amount I gave was determined by the following:

I set aside a penny today to give; I budgeted to give 2 cents on November 15, 4 cents on November 16, etc., doubling the amount put aside each day until the November 28 Giving Tuesday deadline. 

I am willing to double the amount I gave if at least ten readers of this blog piece can tell me correctly

  1. How much did I initially give today, November 14?
  2. How much would I have set aside to give on November 30?
  3. from the two links in the first paragraph: the year GivingTuesday was created and the author of the 2nd linked article, “2022 Giving Tuesday Statistics to Help Inform 2023 Strategies.”

Send your four answers to david.dnorthlake@gmail.com by November 27.


Please mark your calendar for November 28 and join me by making a gift. Visit CUonGivingTuesday.carrollu.edu to learn more.