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First published  August 26, 2015

I sit in front of my Mac in the office, listening to the hammering of destruction construction outside while I do the homework to ask intelligent, informed questions of President Hastad and our invited speaker. I am delighted to have just received a “check-in” from my research assistant, Tia. Right now, preparation for playing soccer (and staying healthy).

I quickly reviewed this week’s Chronicle of Higher Education, which focuses on articles dealing with “discount rates” and enrollment trends. Usually, the updated figures occur around October 1. Here are resources I draw upon to give me a context for trends in higher education. Several allow me to create my own comparison group databases (e.g., salaries and endowments).

Ten Resources for Putting Into Context My Academic Institution’s Well-Being

  1. Oberlin Strategic Plan Reading List: Source: Web Page shared by David Simpson’s alma mater Oberlin College
  2. College and University Endowments: Source: Chronicle of Higher Education
  3. Tuition and Fees: Source: Chronicle of Higher Education
  4. AAUP Salary Data: Source: Chronicle of Higher Education
  5. Money Raised by Colleges, 2014 Fiscal Year: Source: Chronicle of Higher Education
  6. Almanac of Higher Education:  Source: Chronicle of Higher Education
  7. Student Data: Enrollment Trends: Source: Chronicle of Higher Education
  8. Executive Compensation at Private Colleges: Source: Chronicle of Higher Education
  9. IPEDS (individual institutions and comparisons)
  10. CUPA Surveys